Goldstar Logistics

Supply chain, supply chain management, inventory control, warehouse management systems, supply chain systems, WMS, 3PL, third-party logistics, retail supply chain

زنجیره تامین و لجستیک Goldstar Logistics supply chain managment ستاره طلایی لجستیک ستاره طلایی

Goldstar Logistics is specialized group of professionals and experts in supply chain and logistics providing his services in Middle East and Africa region. We focus on Consulting & Design, Training, and software solutions


We cover mainly IRAN, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Pakistan, and South Africa


Our team shares a set of values, and works hard every day to be the first choice for our customers in Middle East & Africa


The service and process we put into motion are critically important to thriving Logistics companies.

We respect and carefully follow the strictest guidelines and regulations that promote safe and ethical practices for our customer



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